The floater provides your artwork with the perception that it’s floating within the depths of the frame. It’s great for artwork that uses canvases and painting boards


Gallery: Floaters

Selecting a Floater

Floaters are great for artworks done on canvas and painting boards. The floater allows the audience to see the entire artwork up to the edges, while also using empty space around the artwork to give a floating effect.

The floater's inside depth is an important measurement that is determined based off of the artwork's depth. Normally the inside depth of the floater should be 1/8" deeper than the depth of your artwork (Example: If your canvas art is 1" in depth, then the inside depth of the floater should be 1-1/8").

We offer 3 floaters that vary primarily in its inside/outside depth:


Floater 1-1/2"

Floater 2"


Floater 2-1/2"